How long does it take to learn google seo?

It takes 1 to 3 months to learn the basics of SEO. The basics of search engine optimization can be understood and learned in 3 months, however, more advanced concepts can take between 6 and 18 months. This is provided as long as you consume knowledge on a daily basis and learn from experts. To see the results of SEO efforts, it can take between six months and two years.

It often starts slow, but once you start getting traffic, it picks up momentum. And once you see good traffic figures, stick with them. It will only keep improving. You'll want to blog for at least six months or two years to see the results.

At that point, you'll know that you understand SEO and that you can grow an organic audience. But, once you have good results, continue to build that momentum and continue to publish blog articles regularly. In my experience, if you follow a solid learning plan and make the necessary effort, you can learn the basics in less than 6 months. To learn the basics of SEO, it takes a normal person between 1 and 3 months.

Many SEO firms will tell you that it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing results. In general, that's accurate, but keep in mind that's when you start to see results and SEO results grow over time. The results you get at 6 months should be significantly lower than what you get at 12 months. At some point, you may see your results decline, and then it may be a matter of maintaining results rather than increasing them.

I have already mentioned to you before about my blog post called The 10 Steps to the Ultimate Roadmap to Learning SEO and it comes in 10 steps (organized in tables) for you to learn a lot about SEO. It's possible to learn how to do SEO on your own, you don't have to be an SEO specialist or expert. I would also ask you to share this free method of learning SEO on your social networks so that more people can learn SEO for free. Learning the theory behind SEO is crucial to understanding how SEO works and understanding its basic concepts.

This is because experts or trainers know that learning SEO at a professional level means that you also know how to do SEO in addition to knowing the fundamentals. To become an SEO expert quickly, you need to learn more, learn quick SEO, start practicing it quickly, and learn from what you do. The table above will quickly familiarize you with some of the basics of learning SEO, so that you can understand the basics of SEO in the first 30 days or so. To become an SEO expert, you need to learn advanced SEO concepts that take between 6 and 18 months.

After knowing how difficult it is to learn SEO, the second question you'll want to ask yourself is how long does it take to learn SEO as a beginner. At ReliableSoft there is an SEO learning plan for beginners to learn SEO on your own by following 7 steps listed below. But, if you learn online SEO step by step and follow a structured learning approach given in this blog (Learn SEO in 1 hour a day), everything will be easier. I also shared the program “Learn SEO in 1 hour a day” through which you can learn SEO online quickly and for free.

I literally needed to build (and destroy) dozens of different websites before I really learned how SEO works and understand what a job like SEO actually entails. You can also gather new knowledge about SEO or reinforce what you've learned so far by using some fun tools or being present in some fun SEO locations. Learning SEO really means building your skills and, in that way, you need to learn the fundamentals and how to do SEO in a practical way and how it works in real life. .

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