How long does seo optimization take?

Based on experience with hundreds of clients and what other SEO experts have said, SEO takes an average of four to six months before results begin. Some of my clients who have been online for a long time, gathering dominance strength, have seen strong keyword rankings in just four weeks. Content marketing generates inbound links, improving the visibility and authority of your site in the eyes of Google. While keyword mapping and technical auditing help improve your results, content marketing takes your SEO strategy to the next level, allowing you to improve your ranking on all your targeted keywords.

The truth is that optimizing a site requires a significant amount of time and seeing the results of those changes takes even longer. As a general rule, you'll start to notice changes in rankings and traffic around three months. The continuous addition of content and technical aspects of SEO, such as link building, is important during this month to keep the SEO momentum moving. Before we analyze exactly how long it takes SEO to have an impact on your business, let's first look at why SEO takes to show results.

Now that you know how long it takes SEO to work and you want to reap the benefits of SEO, including increasing website traffic, improving brand awareness, and expanding revenue, WebFX can help. If you've ever worked with an SEO agency that used “black hat SEO tactics” (or if you've used them yourself), you may have received a penalty from Google. To understand the time involved in an SEO strategy, it's easier to analyze it month by month through an SEO timeline.

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